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Farm Pest Control:

Farm Pest Control – Edinburgh Pest Control Service’s offer’s agricultural pest control service’s for farm building’s and rural propertie’s in and around Edinburgh and the whole of Fife area’s. These service’s will ensure controlling of Rodent’s, Bird’s, insect’s, Foxe’s, Rabbit’s and Deer that can contaminate grain, damage farm building’s, damage crop’s, grazing, and forestry plantation’s.

Farm grain store’s are a favourate hiding place for not only rodent pest’s which would otherwise eat and/or contaminate crops, especially grain or feed stock’s but also for insect’s. Chicken farm’s, run’s and coop’s also suffer contamination and damage from Rat’s and Mice.

Wheather your pest and vermin problem’s are Rat’s, Mice, Insect’s, Wasp’s, Feral Pigeon’s, Fox, Crow’s, Deer, Mole’s, Grey Squirrel’s, Mink and even Rabbit’s then please call Edinburgh Pest Control Service’s – Farm Pest Control for a free quote on all your pest and vermin control need’s or Pest Control Contract’s.

Edinburgh Pest Control Service’s – Farm Pest Control offer a FREE no obligation pest control survey on how to eradicate your pest problem’s quickly and safely on your farm’s and how to plan a long term vermin control solution’s for your rural propertie’s. We can advise you on how to stop pest problem’s in the future and how to protect your property.

Edinburgh Pest Control Service’s – Farm Pest Control technician’s make sure that our work is child and pet friendly so if you have a Agricultural Farm Pest problem’s needing treated or destroyed then please call Edinburgh Pest Control Service’s – Farm Pest Control we are dedicated to providing a first class service and will put your pest problem’s right at a price that’s right for you.

Please call us now for all your Farm Pest Control need’s.

Edinburgh Pest Control service’s cover Edinburgh and surrounding area’s including East Lothian and West Lothian.

Farm Pest Control


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