Pest Control Edinburgh Agricultural Services:

We understand the need, particularly within an Agricultural and Farm business setting for a rapid response and as such we are available 24 hour’s a day by appointment.

Whatever type of Agriculture you are in, problem’s with pest’s are a major concern not only for the potential loss of revenue through contamination.

Cause loss of live stock or damage to your crop’s but also possible damage to your property and equipment.

Rodent’s are a major problem to farmer’s as they can cause considerable damage as a result of their gnawing behaviour which at least could be hole’s in the fabric of barn’s or burrowing under chicken run’s and building or worst electrical fault’s and flooding.

We offer Domestic, Farm and Commercial service’s for all your Pest Control need’s in Edinburgh and the surrounding area’s. Google “Edinburgh Pest Control Services” to find a solution to all your pest control problems.

Call us now on 01383 735695 for all your Pest Control needs in Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

  • Our Pest Control service offer’s a service to Farm, Domestic and Commercial propertie’s.
  • We have fully trained, experienced pest controllers covering the Edinburgh area.
  • We shall destroy the Pest/Vermin infestation and in addition we can also offer a proofing service.
  • Edinburgh Pest Control service’s offer a 24/7 rapid response service.